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Cottage cheese dessert with fruit and nuts, recipes with photos

Almost daily, I return home from work with another batch of fruit for my girls – first we enjoy mandarin oranges, then eat an apple, then a grenade or kiwi goes into the course, sometimes we have enough for Sharon.

But sometimes the little ones want to show off … And not necessarily both at once – it is enough that one spins her nose and turns away from a piece of an apple or citrus, as the second one does not want anything.

In such cases, you have to invent something so that the girls get their daily portion of natural vitamins. And one of the options is to make a dessert. Be sure to bright and colorful, and still tasty and healthy.

You do not want just fruit, then eat fruit with cottage cheese, nuts and honey.

So, the list of products used:

The difficulty of cooking: very simple

Time for preparing: 10-15 minutes

While the kid is keen on another interesting game, you need to quickly and quietly clear the kiwi and Sharon, rejected at this time, and then cut them into a cube.

It’s great that Santa Claus presented me with a long-awaited blender, which now rescues me all the time. Here, for example, you need to chop nuts – a couple of button presses and you’re done.

Cottage cheese, sour cream and honey need to be converted into a homogeneous mass – whack! – and please! Here I do not like it, honestly)))

So, everything is in place – the fruits are chopped, the nuts are crushed, the curd mass is also ready. We form a dessert.

Put a little curd mass on the bottom, on top of most of Sharon, sprinkle everything with nut nuts and spread kiwi slices.

Put the remaining curd mass on the green layer, and then – the remaining pieces of fruit. We decorate with pomegranate seeds.

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Do you want me to tell you where I got this from?

I was watching one of the many seasons of the American Hell’s Kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen). This is a reality show, where chefs, professional and not very much fighting for the real position of the head of a new steep restaurant with a huge salary. And they had an assignment there, try it and then repeat (to taste) the author’s dish of the accomplished chef, for which he received a Michelin star.

And here in this dish was mashed potatoes. And only one young lady out of 10 people understood to taste that it was not some potato, not some parsnip or a mixture, and suspected white beans. She was crucified there for a long time about the silkiness and subtlety, which is not achieved by the potatoes … That’s where I was tempted. Since then, I regularly cook, after all, there is more protein in beans than starch. 🙂

I think we will be able to agree with you in another way :)))

By the way, let me show you what I have been occupying my leisure lately.

By the way, she calms … And the family is full.

You can … Just do not know how I will cope with the two Tatyans …
Recently, looking at my three-year miracle, all the time I remember this picture.

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