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Cheesecakes with apples and cinnamon, recipes with photos

In my family, Saturday morning cheesecakes have become traditional in the morning …

How nice to get up on a weekend early, and then, tightly closing the door to the nursery, retire in the kitchen with a cup of strong coffee. That’s it after her, after serving this flavored drink with your favorite chocolate candy, I am ready to start my new day with pleasure. And, as a rule, it begins with the preparation of breakfast for my little sunflowers … Tasty homemade cheesecakes, as for me, the most suitable dish for him …

Sometimes, of course, risk, because everything once bothers. And now, in order to somehow prevent this, I experiment with additives. In my opinion, apple syrniki with cinnamon is just a win-win option …

Products necessary for making such cheesecakes:

The complexity of the recipe: it’s pretty easy and simple

How long does it take to make cheesecakes: about half an hour

The sequence of proposed actions:

To begin with, we measure the required amount of cottage cheese, break an egg to it and add salt with sugar.

Now rub everything well with a fork and add some semolina. Mix and set aside.

In the meantime, we will prepare apples for use – we will wash them, clean them and put them on a large grater.

Now it is possible to add apples to the curd mass, and then mix again.

Next, sift the flour, add a little cinnamon and mix the dough thoroughly.

From it, it is already possible to form blanks for cheesecakes, bread them in flour and fry them until ready on a quiet fire. The easiest landmark is a beautiful golden crust.

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