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Cheesecake dessert with gelatin

And here are my recipes for desserts. No wonder I have been collecting them so much time bit by bit. Today I have for you jelly delicacies with cottage cheese and a mini-story from the working days of the women’s team. Let’s talk?

Time flies by, and now it’s not me, but my daughter is 14 years old. I like to plan everything in advance, and therefore, choosing a free moment at lunchtime, I began to make a festive menu. Desserts always plan first. First, they can be prepared or ordered in advance, and secondly – this is my favorite part of the menu. 🙂

My curious partner missed the moment to look over my shoulder in a notebook with a list of dishes. And there … cake, souffle, jelly, jelly, jelly again. In a word – a lot of options for jelly desserts.

Lena also turned out to be a big fan of sweets, besides, in 10 days she will have a no less grand event – at 45 Lena is the berry again. And she will have many more guests than I plan to invite. In general, she urgently needed all my recipes. Everything! Just imagine.

It’s good that there is an opportunity to simply copy the link to my topics and send it to her electronically. After all, imagine how long it takes to rewrite by hand all the favorite recipes.

Do you have any favorite recipes for curd jelly?

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