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Cheese soufflé – a useful recipe, recipes with photos

My son loves jelly and souffle from the store. Calls him yogurt and demands. And I do not like it, because in store jelly there are only dyes and sugar. And here Larisa inspired me with her sambuca. True, my motivation is different, I do not need to destroy berry reserves – I need a healthy soufflé. Therefore, I ask you to love and favor: cottage cheese banana souffle and strawberry sambuk. With a curl cache.

I must confess to you that the child did not eat it. Here is a little rascal. Do not eat berries in any. But he is not an indicator. But Maya and I were very pleased with Maya Rezoevna, and we ate everything ourselves. This is delicious, Larisa, thank you. And the search for how to cram berries and cottage cheese into a child will continue. I have a long way to go, I understand.

Depending on your preferences, this jelly can be made more or less sweet. My proportion is not very sweet. The consistency is thick.

Time for preparing: 1 hour

Ingredients for cottage cheese soufflé:

    For sambuca:

    – strawberry – 200 g
    – eggs – 2 protein
    – sugar – 4 tbsp.
    – gelatin – 1 pack (per 500 ml)
    – salt – 1 pinch

    For submission:

    – coconut chips, strawberries, cashew and everything that comes into your head

    Strawberries and a half sugar smashed blender.

    Sifted through a sieve, only for the sake of a little scoundrel, because the bones are mothers, what the fuck? But it did not help. No need to strain through a sieve, in general.

    Squirrels from the cold whipped with the remaining sugar and salt to the peaks.

    Introduced squirrels in strawberries.

    Mixed with a mixer until smooth.

    She took out of the refrigerator half-dried glasses and poured a second layer.
    Here is the physical evidence that one glass of sambuka was not enough.

    And when it froze in an hour, she was amused by the decoration.
    So, or so. But the villain still did not eat.

    PS How much did I have there? Seven pieces? At the last scoundrel tried out and now requires more. Well, uniform rascal.

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