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Vegetable patties without eggs, recipes with photos

Good afternoon, dear participants Alimero! Yesterday I shared with you a recipe for egg cutlets. And today I want to bring to your attention not less tasty meatballs, but on the contrary – without eggs!

They are ideal as a hearty lunch or dinner for vegans and fasting people. By the way, people who are not in these two categories eat them up with no less appetite – verified! 😉

Most often, I make cutlets not very big. They are better baked, regardless of the composition of minced meat, and they look, I think, prettier 🙂 I have not changed my traditions this time. I got 15 medium-sized meatballs.

Cabbage sent to the chopper. I like it when it is not large, but small pieces, but not in porridge.

Potato peeled and ground in the same way.

Rice boiled until cooked, let it cool.

Grind a mixture of peppers, basil, added salt.

Stir all the ingredients. Sifted and added flour.

Once again, thoroughly mixed until complete homogeneity. I warmed up the sunflower oil, formed patties with wet hands.

Laid on the pan and roasted on both sides to an appetizing blush.

Served with torn lettuce and parsley. You can cook a plain sauce for them or you can do with sour cream / mayonnaise if you wish. In my opinion, they are self-sufficient and do not require any additions!

Fully their composition did not guess anyone 🙂 Who felt the cabbage, who is rice, who is a potato! What components seemed the most expressive in this dish for me is hard to say. I always find it difficult in such cases, because I cook myself, I see all the ingredients, and as a result I also feel the taste of each of them!

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