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Unusual cutlets from zucchini with cheese and buckwheat, recipes with photos

Zucchini, it should be noted, a great vegetable! During the season it costs a penny, you can use it in a huge amount of a wide variety of dishes, and it is combined with a variety of products. Thanks to this, zucchini can be cooked and the first and second courses, snacks, burgers, and even make jam. But today I have prepared a recipe for interesting and tasty squash from buckwheat zucchini.

I like to cook such burgers – quickly, simply and at a budget. They are suitable for any vegetable salad and in order to prepare a sandwich with their participation. In general, tasty, simple, budget and fast – it’s all about today’s meatballs with buckwheat and zucchini.

In addition, today’s version of cutlets is a great way to use yesterday’s porridge, which nobody wants to eat today;)

Complexity – everything is very simple

Time for preparing – about 30 minutes

How to cook:

This time I decided not to use kitchen appliances to grind food. Actually, here you need to grind only zucchini, so I used the grater.

Then laid out chopped onions.

Salted, threw ground paprika, a mixture of peppers. On request, you can take any other spices.

Added rye bran and cornmeal (you can replace wheat).

Dropped one testicle. Mixed all good.

Then she heated the vegetable oil, with a spoon laid out the cutlet mass. Fried first on one side, then on the other – until tender.

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