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Meat patties in waffles, recipes with photos

I have done so many times in my life cutlets that it was extremely difficult to surprise me in their preparation or design. While I have not visited my mother. She gave me patties, fried in waffles!

Do not think that waffles were used sweet. Not. These were the very round waffle cakes for the corners with condensed milk. Only my mom, they became corners with minced meat. In other words, the most real burgers in waffles.

I also decided to repeat my mother’s experiment. I bought minced meat, waffle blanks and got down to business. The fact that I have got on the result, I will tell you now and tell you.

The difficulty of cooking: pretty simple

Preparation time: 1 hour, not more

In order to cook 16 meat patties in waffles, it took me:

And fry in a frying pan for 5 minutes on each side on a small fire.
I got such beautiful meat patties in waffles.
Girls, this is very tasty. But very calorie, to my great regret. In one cutlet about 250 kcal, and on one stop almost unreal.

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