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Lenten pea cutlets, recipes with photos

In fasting, many believers refuse to eat animal products. From the table disappear meat and dairy products, eggs. And how can we replace the protein that our body needs? Indeed, in these products it is contained in large quantities. Replace animal protein can always be vegetable. For example, in peas, lentils and chickpeas it contains as much as in chicken meat.

And today I want to offer a recipe for pea-based patties. Boiled peas keep their shape quite well, and even without adding eggs from pea porridge you can make excellent and very tasty burgers.

Time for preparing: 3 hours for soaking peas; 1 h. 15 min. on cooking and frying.

Complexity: below the average.

Working process:

First we need to cook pea porridge. In order to cook the peas faster, it can be soaked for a couple of hours in cold water. During this time it will swell, and this will shorten the cooking time. I soaked the peas for 3 hours while shopping. And returning home in the evening, she set the peas to boil. And my porridge was cooked 30 minutes after boiling. Usually, cooking peas takes much longer.

In total, I took about 300 grams of peas and cooked it in two liters of water. Salt added one tablespoon. Excess water at the end of cooking simply leaked.

If you want your peas to be completely uniform, you can use a blender. Porridge in a blender will turn into a pea puree and sculpt the patties from it will be even more pleasant.

I did not grind peas. In my opinion, he is so well boiled soft.
We give the pea porridge to cool down a bit, because it is very problematic to make cutlets from hot pea puree.

When the pea is cold, add some flour to it. Flour must be added so that from this mass it was possible to easily form burgers. I added about 100 grams of wheat flour, I had enough.

Now we need to prepare the breading. I use semolina for breading, but if you have special breadcrumbs, you can use them.

Formed from peas patties. And collapses in semolina from two sides.
After that, heat up the pan, add sunflower oil to the pan. And put our pea cutlets in the pan. Cutlet fried over the top and bottom. And everything, you can eat them with any sauce, with greens, vegetables or a side dish.

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