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Chopped oyster mushrooms, recipes with photos

The recent pie with Xenia’s oyster mushrooms did not leave me indifferent – I really wanted to repeat this recipe;) But, alas, for some reason, oyster mushrooms are sold here rarely, and finding them on the market or in the supermarket is a whole problem. But when I finally found them, I did not buy half a kilo, as required for the recipe, but as much as 3 kg!

What did I cook with mushrooms? First of all, of course, the pie! 🙂

Then I put out some of the parts and froze them, for it is not known when I will get the oyster mushrooms the next time. But I also cooked delicious minced meatballs, and I haveten to share their recipe with you 🙂

Caloric content – 190 kcal / 100 g

Cooking time – 45 minutes

To make minced oyster mushrooms, the following ingredients are needed:

I washed the oyster mushrooms well and cut them into pieces (like on a vinaigrette). Laid out in a deep bowl.

Fried on one side on the fire, slightly less than the average. Then the meatballs turned over, covered the lid, reduced the fire and roasted for another 4 minutes.

Here are ready burgers! They turn out very gentle.
What did I serve them with? Yes, with anything – and with cereals, and with kartohu, and with salads. I also made sandwiches: I put a circle of pickled cucumber on a slice of black bread and a chop on top.

In general, very tasty, I recommend 🙂

By the way, my husband, having tried these cutlets, asked in surprise: Have you decided to feed me with chicken cutlets? And indeed, they taste a bit like chicken.

I wish you bon appetite too!

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