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Chopped liver patties, recipes with photos

Recently, I try to use not only those recipes that are simple to perform, and loved by my family. An equally important point for me was whether these options are suitable for snacking. Since I haven’t been at home all day, and there is no place to warm up dinner, I have to cook those dishes that are tasty and cold.

The first time I was saved by sandwiches, but this is not the best option for daily food, as you understand. Salads very soon bored me. And suddenly I remembered the existence of breezols and the like.

Yesterday I cooked minced meatballs for dinner, not only meat, but liver. It turned out very tasty and new for our family. Cabbage salad with these chops, too, went with a bang!

Time for preparing: 25 minutes.

To cook liver patties, we need:

1) 800 g chicken liver
2) 1 medium sized carrot
3) salt, ground ginger
4) vegetable oil
5) 2 raw chicken eggs
6) 2-3 full tablespoons of wheat flour
7) 2-3 cloves of garlic

The liver (ideally – chicken) is washed and cleaned of all the excess.

We cut the ceramic knife into small cubes or pieces (here I, as always, sing an ode to ceramic knives).

Wash carrots, peel and grind on a coarse grater (you can use smaller ones if desired).

In a bowl or other suitable container lay out the grated carrot.

Add to it a chicken liver and some raw eggs.

Salt the contents of the container and sprinkle with ground ginger.

Add chopped garlic (a couple of cloves) and flour.

All mix well.

In a clean pan, pour a little olive or sunflower oil.

Spoon for soup lay out hepato-carrot mixture, which we fry on low heat on both sides until cooked.

They are tasty and juicy, which is very important for dishes from the liver.

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