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Muffins with zucchini and cottage cheese, recipes with photos

Personally, I really like various snack pies. Muffins or just muffins in a salty version, I just adore. This snack option is ideal as a supplement to a light soup, a great picnic meal or just for a long walk in the park or the forest.

Here, on Alimero, several eateries cupcakes are already presented. I have a slightly different filling option: zucchini and cottage cheese. The first ones are practically not felt here, but valuable substances still remain. For non-lovers of cottage cheese, it can be killed in a blender and then even the most fastidious comrades will not find him there.

I took the usual cupcake dough as a basis. Although, the word usual is not applicable here. In the current variety of recipes, it is already difficult to define a classic recipe. This cooking option is very simple and fast.

To make 12 snack muffins you will need:

Preparation time: 20 minutes. Baking time: 30 minutes.
Complexity: minimal.

Zucchini clean, cut into small cube.

Beat eggs slightly.

Add salt, pepper and broth. I have beef.

Gradually add flour, knead the smooth, batter without lumps.

We put the right amount of soda right in the dough, pour half a teaspoon of vinegar on top.

Prepare baking molds, turn on the oven for heating. Next, pour zucchini into the dough, and the most recent, right before putting it in the molds, put the curd. With soda, he will have a reaction, the mass will increase in volume.

We spread the future snack in the form of one large or small, portioned. We send immediately to the oven.

Serve with the first dish, and as a snack – just excellent option!

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