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Muffins with jam and plums, recipes with photos

The family asked to bake something sweet, and I decided that it would be muffins, especially since a small portion of sour milk remained in the refrigerator.

I really like this type of baking, I have baked them so many times and have never repeated it, because you can think up a lot of toppings.

Ingredients: 1 tbsp. kefir or yogurt or yogurt, 2 tbsp. flour, 3 eggs, cup of sugar, 0.5 cup of sunflower oil, 1 tsp of soda, any sweet jam, 6-8 frozen pitted plums.

Time for preparing:
up to 1 hour.
Degree of difficulty: small.

I usually do not follow the traditional method of cooking muffins, when bulk products are mixed separately, and liquid products separately, I somehow feel more familiar and more logical with my order.

First, I mix yogurt or kefir with sugar and soda, so that the grains are not felt. Usually soda is extinguished in an acidic environment, and the mass increases in size. To be afraid that all gases will come out and the dough will not rise, unnecessarily. Everything will turn out fine.

Then I drive in eggs and stir everything together. It is more convenient for me to use an immersion blender for this purpose, but I can do it manually.

Next comes unscented sunflower oil, which also needs to be mixed with the mass until smooth.

And last I add flour. The dough turns out a little more thick than the fritter.

I have a silicone form, it is not necessary to lubricate it, and if the metal cups are metal, you will need lubrication. The dough must be poured no more than two thirds, because in the baking process the dough rises well.

Next comes a very interesting procedure: we need to add jam so that it is inside the muffins. I make it simple: put a teaspoon of jam in the center and gently stir in a circle with a toothpick.

For these muffins, it is better to take sweet jam, since the plums do not differ much, I used pear. I cut the pitted plums (I have frozen ones) into 4 pieces along two quarters and stuck it in the center of the molds, without plunging to the end. In the process of baking plums themselves will be in the middle of muffins.

Muffins are not baked quickly, my oven-bobber makes it 50-55 minutes, but someone will turn out faster, so we set the temperature to 180 degrees, and from the 40th minute we look into the oven. Blush – must be prepared.

Check the readiness of a wooden splinter need not in the center, as there will be a wet filling. Remove the muffins from the form should be completely cooled, otherwise they may stick to the walls.

What a delicious cupcakes to make! Fluffy dough, filling, as if magically in the middle, fragrant, sweet and sour. For sweet teeth – a real find.

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