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Muffins on jelly, recipes with photos

I have long been interested in pastry based on kissel. Ever since the days of Gagarin’s cake by Nadezhda Andriyakhina;) Yes, yes! 3.5 years soap to use kissel not according to its intended purpose bothers me))

Many times, passing by the respective counters in the store, I thought: Somehow later. And then it all did not come. And here Providence intervened)) Kissel was bought by accident, instead of a bag of jelly … Thanks to this, the long-standing idea finally got its realization! So.

Difficulty level: small

Time for preparing: 40 minutes

Amount: 9 muffins

Kissel can be taken absolutely any – in a briquette or already crumbly in a bag. Taste is also an amateur; I have wild berries.

Poured the jelly into the mixing bowl.

It also broke three eggs. Kissel will immediately begin to change color – do not be alarmed;) During the batch, he will do this several times, because nobody canceled chemical reactions 🙂

I added a pinch of salt and whisk it. At this stage, the most beautiful shade is pink 🙂

Poured flour and soda.

Stir well with a whisk.

Raw peanuts directly in the peel sent to the blender.

She milled, but not much – so that the nuts were still felt in the muffins in pieces, and not the aroma in the form of peanut flour. I mixed them in the prepared dough.

Silicone tins moistened with cold water. She poured dough over them, leaving about 1/3 of the top empty.

Sent in preheated to 180’C oven for about 20 minutes. Willingness checked wooden skewer.

I gave the muffins a little to cool in tins, and then put them on the dish.

They will be good both with tea, and with coffee / chicory, and with milk!

I liked this experiment! Muffins are obtained tender, tasty, with an interesting note – the very flavor of kissel. Cook on health! 😉

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