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Lemon muffins on a decoy, recipes with photos

I have repeatedly confessed to you that I am not indifferent to lemon baking. That is why I cook periodically using recipes that use lemons. This time I gave preference to awesome cake.

Muffins are insanely fragrant, fairly moist, very tender, with a wonderful and very pleasant sourness.

For the preparation of lemon manna cupcakes we need:

To decorate I used powdered sugar and mint leaves


The complexity of the recipe: everything is simple enough

Cooking time These manna cupcakes will take about 40 minutes.

Working process:

I began by pouring semolina into the bowl, and then poured it with the necessary amount of kefir.

Thoroughly mixed and set aside for half an hour – the semolina should swell.

In the meantime, we prepare a lemon for use – we wash it thoroughly with soap and a brush, and then grind it with the skin. I used a blender for this – he very quickly coped with the task.

You also need to beat eggs with sugar in a lush egg foam.

Here is our semolina – it has increased in volume.

To it we add flour with salt and baking powder, then chopped lemon mass and mix.

At the final stage, add the beaten eggs and mix again. Now is the last time.

It remains to fill the ready dough molds for muffins. I have traditionally used the most convenient to use – silicone.

Bake muffins need about 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Prepare ready-made ruddy muffins, remove them from the molds and add sugar with powdered sugar.

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