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Iced coffee muffins, recipes with photos

I am a real coffee lover! Ready to drink coffee all day. And fresh, and soluble. And also – there is chocolate Coffee with milk and bake coffee muffins without fail with coffee icing! 😉

I have already shared with you a recipe for chocolate and coffee sour cream and liqueur Greetings from Tallinn. I love Elena Elliott’s coffee cookies! And now came the turn of muffins! 😉

Products for the test:

Products for glaze:

– 3 tsp. instant coffee

– 3 tbsp. sour cream 20-30% fat

Oil chopped pieces and set on fire. Melt, allowed to cool.

Beaten eggs with sugar (its amount can be increased if desired) and salt.

Instant coffee ground to powder in a mortar with a pestle.

Poured coffee to the dough.

Infused butter.

Last of all, she added flour mixed with starch and soda, quenched with vinegar.

Well stirred dough and poured into molds (I do not lubricate them with anything), filling, as usual, about 2/3 volume.

Sent in the oven for 25 minutes at 180’C. Gave the muffins cool, took out of the form.

Cooked icing. Sour cream combined with coffee, ground in the same way as for the dough, and sugar. Beat up these ingredients.

The amount of sand here can also be increased. I do not like too sweet pastries and icing, too. Therefore, wherever you can reduce the sugar, I always do so. In this case, the consistency of the glaze does not suffer from these changes.

I like this icing with coffee bitterness. If you want to make a sweeter version, add three tablespoons of sugar instead of three teaspoons.

Cool muffins iced.

If you are a coffee lover just like me, then you can serve it with the same wonderful drink. It turns out – triple coffee! 😉

This baking has now become one of my favorites! I’m sure you like these muffins too! 🙂

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