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Honey-banana muffins, recipes with photos

Banana pastry is a fairly common dessert on our table. First, it is a wonderful way to use ripe bananas that have lost their appetizing appeal. Secondly, a tasty way to improve your mood. After all, as you know, bananas contain a substance similar in structure to the hormone of happiness.

Bananas are one of the most affordable exotic fruits, and you can buy them in any store year-round. So nothing prevents us from combining the useful with the pleasant and getting a feeling of joy and pleasure from a delicious dessert.

Prepare pastries with bananas, cane sugar and honey, and replace the plain white flour with whole wheat. In the past, this flour was not very appreciated. But now it is gaining popularity, as it is much more nutritious. Baking wholegrain flour is not so lush and airy, but I assure you that it is no less tasty and more wholesome.

Prepare products on the list:

    Beat soft butter and cane sugar. Cane sugar can be replaced by ordinary.

    Continuing the beating, beat alternately eggs. Each next egg is added only after the previous one is thoroughly mixed.

    Bananas knead. It is possible to a puree-like state, but it is better if small pieces remain. Add bananas to the egg-oil mixture.

    Combine flour with baking powder and sift through a sieve. You can take whole wheat flour with white wheat in half, it depends only on your desires and preferences.

    Add chocolate drops and chopped nuts to the dough. Nuts can take any. If desired, add a handful of raisins.

    Molds for baking grease a small amount of butter. If silicone molds are used, oiling is optional.
    Since the cupcakes do not rise much, fill the form 1-1.5 cm below the top edge.

    Bake muffins in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, 45-50 minutes. From this amount of dough, 8 medium cupcakes were produced. Willingness to check cupcakes torch. Willing cupcakes can be determined by smell. The aroma of honey and banana fill your home. Cool the cupcakes. When serving, you can lightly sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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