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Blueberry muffins, recipes with photos

Muffins, I thought before, these are the same cupcakes. Just a new word. But no, the difference is still there. I read about this in a colorful, interesting and tremendous book on cooking, which my mother gave me. She does not need, but I just need. I read this book as a fascinating novel. So, how are muffins different from cupcakes?

one. When kneading dough for muffins, dry ingredients are separately mixed, separately – liquid. Only after this liquid is added to the mixture of dry ingredients.

2 Dough for muffins should not be thoroughly mixed, rather, it should be slightly mixed, resulting in a little lumpy. For this, you must first separately mix two types of ingredients. If it is kneaded to smoothness, the dough will be heavy and the muffins will not turn out to be tender and airy.

3 If the cupcakes are most often baked simply from the dough, the muffins are made with various additives. Additives mix in the dry ingredients.

four. Muffins should not be too sweet. I really like this item!

five. As a rule, muffins are served warm.

In my book, I found the main recipe for classic muffins. They turned out just wonderful, and of course, I share the recipe on the pages of Alimero. True, I immediately made muffins with an additive – put blueberries in the dough.

Time for preparing: 1 hour.

She took blueberries from the freezer and left to thaw.

Took a test. Mixed dry ingredients: flour, baking powder and powdered sugar. Sugar powder, I think, here goes not in vain. Firstly, it diverges more quickly, and since we will not knead the dough very carefully, this is true. Secondly, with all its small amount, it gives muffins a special, delicate sweetness.

I added frozen, slightly thawed blueberries to dry ingredients. The minus of blueberry baking is that it gives a little bluish color, but since it is tasty and healthy, I don’t want to refuse it.

In another bowl mixed liquid ingredients.

I whipped butter, egg and milk with a fork. If you take butter, it will first need to be melted.

Mixed dry and liquid ingredients. Carefully, trying hard not to crush the berries, kneaded the dough.

Spread the dough in the molds.

Baked 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

When serving, powdered with powdered sugar.

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