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The fastest and easiest snack – panini with ham and cheese, recipes with photos

The fastest, because everything is approximately as it happens – one, two and ready. Just because you have exactly the ingredients for panini, and in the right slicing, and because it is almost an ordinary sandwich.

And I also want to add that it is also terribly tasty, and even useful. After all, we are sure to intersperse healthy and delicious foods even more useful.

It’s all about a couple of slices of bread and any layer. This is another quality of panini – versatility.

Well, let’s not forget that such a snack is indispensable, not only during any meal. It is so convenient to take such food with you, and then, if you wish, warm it up at work! Imagine the reaction of the hungry guests who accidentally appeared … Your imagination, a number of very simple foods – and fast, nutritious food will satisfy everyone!

Time for preparing: depends on the number of servings, but it took me 15 minutes with one panini to dry the bread

Complexity: zero, especially if you have a shop cut

As a rule, in the store you can buy sliced ​​bread – and in terms of aesthetics more pleasant, and in terms of further cooking, and in terms of eating!

In a word, we will cut thinly bread. Next, there are several approaches for drying bread. Including a waffle iron, etc. I chose the easiest and fastest – in the pan. We dry it, pressing it with something comfortable, and it will turn out relief.

Do not forget to turn the bread, but it will burn, and continue.

Tomato is a very important ingredient. If it is not, there will be a sharp taste. And you do not have to add some of our design! Also cut, but not very thin.
Prepare lettuce leaves. I washed them and they lay down a little. Therefore, wash the leaves in advance so they can dry out.
All, let us, without removing the pan from the heat, put on one slice products. First, put the cheese.
Put a leaf of lettuce and tomato on it.

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