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Sweet Turkish sausage, recipes with photos

Since childhood, I love sweet sausage. Mom made my brother and I mostly chocolate – with the addition of cocoa. I, as I began to cook, rushed to experiment with different tastes and cooking techniques.

This time I wanted to make not just a tasty sausage, but also an elegant one. That it looked good even on the holiday table. Did I succeed in this – judge you, dear readers!

Level of difficulty: average

Time preparations: 1 h 20 min. and 1 hour to set

I started with a cookie. This time she took Baked milk. Cow, Tea, Coffee, Sugar or any other will do well, the main thing is without chocolate glaze and filling. The fresher and crumbly the better.

I left 2 cookies. The rest broke into small pieces and ground into a flour using a blender.

Left two pieces broken hands into small but tangible pieces. As you probably already understood, this is fat in a future sausage. Mixed with the rest of the cookies.

Nuts can take any to taste. I have peanuts. I roasted it in a dry frying pan, cooled it, cleared the skins and ground it in a blender.

Added to the dough.

For sausages, I decided to use dried apricots. You can, if desired, take raisins, prunes, dry apples or kompotnuyu mixture.

Dried apricots thoroughly washed, filled with water and set on fire.

After boiling boiled for 5-7 minutes. She took out the dried apricots and finely cut it with a knife. Connected with a cookie.

Now poured the resulting compote.

The mass should turn out to be thick, but not steep – a little sticky to hands.

Now came the turn of the lucuma. I have it with dried apricots too. You can take with any other additives or simply vanilla.

I had two pieces. Each square I cut into two parts.

In a food package laid out a flattened sausage half mass.

Above the strip is located lokum.

The remaining dough covered delight.

She wrapped the sausage in the bag and, smoothing it, gave it the desired shape.

Sent in the freezer for an hour. Then she put it in the fridge.

After the first hour of hardening, you can already safely cut it and serve with tea or coffee!

The sausage turned out to be very fragrant thanks to the roasted nuts and dried fruits and interesting due to the lukum filling!

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