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Sour cream sauce for meatballs, recipes with photos

Cooking a delicious dinner is not a problem when I have meatballs or meatballs, or even just stuffing. Therefore, I always try to keep in stock both ready cutlets and rolled meat. So that the favorite meat dish is not boring, I try to cook it in different ways. Fry, steam or bake in the oven. Today I decided to make burgers with sauce. With that as in kindergarten.

I miss the step of cooking meatballs, so today the main character of my topic is sauce.

– 6 pieces of finished meatballs (I have pork and chicken fillet)

Time for preparing: 40 minutes excluding time for making minced meat and meatballs. If the meatballs are from the freezer, the cooking time will increase.

So, a few days ago I put aside some minced meat and put it in the freezer. Today I gave him thaw, added an egg, white bread soaked in milk and finely chopped onion. Carefully kneaded and diced meatballs.

Chose your favorite cooking method – baking. Another onion will not be superfluous, I decided, and made of it a paddle for meatballs.

Put the meatballs on the bow.

She covered the form with foil and sent it into the oven, preheated to 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

While the meatballs are baked, cooked the sauce.
For a liquid base sauce suitable broth or vegetable broth. Since I was preparing mashed potatoes as a side dish, I decided to use the remaining broth.

She dried the flour in a dry frying pan to the color of baked milk and spread it with a small amount of broth.

Sour cream mixed with the remaining broth and set on fire.

When the base for the sauce began to boil, poured the diluted flour into it, stirring vigorously.

Cooked on low heat for another 5 minutes. The sauce is ready.

Meatballs are also ready.

You can pour them sauce right in the form.

You can water already on the plate.

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