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Serbian pleskavitsa, recipes with photos

The recipe of the Serbian plashkavitsy has long been in my bookmarks, but I decided to cook these interesting burgers just now.

I was embarrassed that the meat until the time of frying should be spent in the refrigerator the whole day. Some time ago, it was firmly hammered into the head that you should cook meat immediately, otherwise there is a risk for stomach upset.

As always, when cooking any national dishes, I tried to get to the point, looking at a lot of recipes and materials about Serbian cuisine. Now I understood exactly why the stuffing needs so much time in the refrigerator.

The fact is that minced meat for the plashkavitsa is marinated almost the same as we do with meat for kebabs. At the same time, it is also necessary to observe the technology. They say that the Serbs do not manage 24 hours, and sometimes leave the stuffing for two days.

Prepare sprigs from a mixture of pork and ground beef with lots of onions and red bitter pepper. Considering the gastronomic tastes of my household, I greatly reduced the number of both, and you can be guided by your taste.

Ingredients: 500 g minced pork, 500 g ground beef, 1 tbsp salt, 1 tsp red pepper (bitter and sweet), 2/3 cup soda water, 2 tbsp. olive oil, 2 onions, sunflower oil for frying.

If you follow the Serbian predilections, then the onion should be put in the formation of the plashkavitsa already and take a lot of it – a small onion per plashcall.
It seemed to me a lot, I reduced the number of onions (I had three small onions), put it immediately in a common bowl with minced meat.
Specification: the onion in the splash is not ground in a meat grinder, but finely chopped.

Next you need to lightly grease the board, take a large handful of minced meat, form a ball, and then flatten it into a flat cake. The stuffing is very smooth and plastic. The size of the flat cakes is large, I made it slightly smaller than the size of a tea saucer, but in general I read that sprinklers can even be the size of a soup plate 🙂

In general, the pliskavitsa are roasted on a grill, as we usually cook at a picnic, at home they are cooking on a grill or in a large frying pan. I did not fit more than one splash in the pan, so I took, on the contrary, a small pan.

Fry, as usual, from two sides.

Before the eyes, the splasher will grow in height and swell – this is how mineral water works, but you need to be careful as it boils away and the fat is splashed.

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