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Sbiten with herbs, recipes with photos

Sbiten – a great drink, relevant in the cold season. In addition to being tasty, it can also be made as useful as possible. It is about this – extremely useful shot – I want to tell today.

Sbiten with medicinal herbs (St. John’s wort, chamomile, sage, mint) drank in Russia not only for mood, but also for health promotion. On hot days or in the bath, they drank cold, because this drink perfectly quenches thirst. In the cold season it was the best warming and toning option. Actually, nothing has changed since that time – you can drink sbiten cold and hot.

In general, there are many options for making this drink, because besides the main ingredient, honey, you can add something that will add brightness to the taste. And this, in turn, can be berries and fruits, spices and spices, citrus, or, as in today’s version, herbs and wild rose. It turns out this drink is very rich, tasty and pleasantly sweet thanks to honey.

In general, Sbiten, this is a good option for a cloudy, rainy autumn and snowy frosty winter. I will say even more: some recipes for this wonderful drink allow for the addition of alcohol (mostly, these are recipes with spices). So, after a hard day’s work, after slushy windy streets, you can prepare such a magical drink before bedtime.

Complexity – everything is simple

Time for preparing – 5 minutes to prepare, and about 2 hours to insist

She put the pot on the fire. In the meantime, she boiled, prepared all the necessary ingredients in a separate bowl.

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