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Samsa stuffed with cheese and spinach, recipes with photos

The life of a beautiful girl is complicated. All the time you have to watch what falls on the plate. In order to avoid the extra calories that are in the habit of settling on my body, I try to cook on my own. And the dishes that decorate my table, should also be the most useful.

I love cheese, especially cooked at home. It is low in salt and fat. But by the amount of protein and calcium per 100 grams of weight, cheese will furnish any other dairy product. And this is a great snack for tea.

The other day, I got excited and bought 0.5 kilograms of brynza on the market. After 4 days, I realized that she had to be saved. Eat in a few days this amount was not for me not to force.

In the freezer, I always have frozen spinach. And yesterday a puff pastry hit my eyes in the store. Thus, the puzzle in my head coincided and I decided to cook samsa.

Samsa stuffed with cheese and spinach – this is what did not leave anyone indifferent from my family. Despite the lack of meat, which my husband simply loves, samsa, one by one, disappeared from his plate.

This simple and, at the same time, delicious recipe, today I want to share with you.

The difficulty of cooking is very simple.

Cooking time – 45 minutes (including 30 minutes for baking).

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