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Salsa in Italian, recipes with photos

The all-knowing Wikipedia says that sauce is a kind of additive to a dish, be it a side dish or main course. These small supplements can work wonders: add calories, improve texture, and reveal taste from a completely different side. Many recipes for sauces include spices and seasonings. Some of them are very exciting appetite. That is why pasta with sauce can be eaten well, and without any additives quite a bit.

Many sauces, including my recipe, can be used not only as an addition to the dish, but also as a basis for the preparation of dishes based on it. For example, tomato sauce will very favorably emphasize the components of Ukrainian borsch, indispensable for any pasta or dumplings.

Do not know where to put the leftovers? Just freeze the sauce, and when cooking stuffed cabbage or whatever, add a spoon or two to the dish. I am sure you will like the result, if you like tomatoes, of course.

Approximate cooking time: from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

To prepare a liter jar of Italian universal sauce, you will need:

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