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Salo in the bank, recipes with photos

Who said that fat is bad? Who said that fat is fat? By the way, fat contains many vitamins and elements important for the body. And with moderate and proper use of food, fat will not harm the figure per gram. But, most importantly, lard is still delicious. And even if someone is still convinced of the opposite, try the fat from the recipe described below, and you may well be able to change your mind, as it happened to me.

I can’t say that someone in my family loved fat. And not even because it is fat to the taste, not because it is high in calories. Just somehow it happened, well, did not cause this product any special emotions. But not so long ago I had a chance to buy a piece of meat with not a small part of fat, and since I do not know how to throw out products, I try to let everything go. Just to pickle was not an option, I definitely would not have eaten such fat, but I decided to look for alternatives.

So prompted me to one recipe for the preparation of bacon – in a jar in a water bath. It wasn’t, I decided, if I’d feed the grandparents and cooked the lard. And, oh, a miracle, my husband ate everything, just in one sitting, and I was pleasantly surprised that the fat could be so tender in the mouth for tenderness, not fat, and so delicious that it would be desirable even one day.

It is very simple to prepare such lard, and the fact that the cooking time is long enough, don’t let it frighten you, you just need to prepare everything and put it on the stove, and the lard itself will be prepared. And only occasionally will need to look at the process of transforming a piece of fat into a delicate and fragrant dish.

Time for preparing – 3 hours

Complexity – everything is very simple

Working process:

Cut the bacon in small pieces.

In a plate, mix the spices, finely broken bay leaf, salt, garlic, passed through the press. All fray.

Thoroughly rub the mixture pieces of bacon.

Fold fat tightly into a glass jar.

Pour water into the pan, put a rag on the bottom, put our jar of lard on it, do not tightly cover the lid and send everything to the stove. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat. So slowly it will boil for 3 hours. About once every half an hour you will need to pour water. It should be so much that it was not less than the level of fat in the bank.

We take out the ready fat from the jar, remove the excess salt and spices, the lard took as much as it needs, no longer needed. Cool and all salsa ready. With what to file everyone knows. Enjoy your meal.

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