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Roll with red caviar Samurai, recipes with photos

There is a beautiful holiday of real men ahead: February 23, and each companion of the defender of the fatherland on this day will want to please his hero. Therefore, I am happy to share a recipe that will bring a lot of pleasure to our beloved men: roll with red Samurai caviar.
It is not difficult, and rather quickly, and the taste is just excellent.

So, the products that we need for making rolls:

Cooking time: 40 minutes.
The difficulty of preparation: medium.

To begin with, boil rice until cooked (do not forget to salt it). When the rice is ready, pour out the water and add rice vinegar to it (this is important to do while the rice is still hot). Mix everything well and leave the rice to cool.

We take the mat for the preparation of rolls and wrap it with cling film (this must be done so that the pieces of food do not clog between the twigs).

Next on the mat lay a sheet of seaweed nori. On the nori lay out the rice and evenly distribute it over the entire surface of the sheet, leaving an edge of 2 cm above.

Crab sticks cut in half (horizontally). We grease the rice in the middle with mayonnaise and put crab sticks on it.

Further along the crab sticks lay out sea salad.

Now we need to spin the roll. To do this, with the help of our rug, we fold the bottom edge inwards, so that the filling is closed, and we press it well with our fingers (the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the filling will come out from the edges).

The remaining edge of the seaweed nori gently moisten with water (fingers).

Further we twist our roll to the end and form a triangle using it.

Roll cut into pieces of about a centimeter by 3 (if you make the pieces thicker they will not be convenient to eat). Spread the pieces on a plate in a circle, so as to get a flower.

Now let’s do the decoration. Take the pickled ginger and lay it in a line so that the plates come over each other.

Next, gently twist a rose from it and lay it in the center of our dish.

That’s all, our treat for the heroes is ready. Serve with soy sauce.

Enjoy your meal and have a happy holiday!

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