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Recipe for a sauté for the winter, recipes with photos

Over the weekend, I did some preparations for the winter. One of these was an eggplant sauté. We just adore his whole family! It happens, we will fry potatoes on a cold winter evening, open a jar of sauté and enjoy.

Saute can also be used as a vegetable garnish for meat or fish. But why bother, I often eat it just with bread and I am very tasty!

Saute is a french dish. It happened from the word sauter – jump. The name of such a sauté has acquired, because the vegetables are actively mixed when cooking. This is done with a large amount of oil. Vegetables first become roasted, and then they languish under the lid. I miss the frying process, as I limit the amount of oil. I do not like fatty dishes, and I try to follow the figure.

It turns out very tasty and aromatic dish. I am always happy when I lack the prepared jars or the last bank is not completely filled. Then I have the opportunity, with a clear conscience, to burst in a tasty stew without waiting for the winter.

The difficulty of preparation: too easy to preserve

Cooking time: 60 minutes

Ingredients for 6-8 liter jars:

    I know that in some recipes you can find a recommendation to peel the skin of vegetables. I do not know why this is done. I do not do this.

    First, the skin of vegetables helps the pieces to preserve their integrity, so that the sauté turns out brighter. Secondly, the skins of vegetables – this is the fiber, for which some of us pay extra money, adding it to our diet intentionally. Thirdly, the skin of vegetables in a sauté in my recipe becomes soft and is not felt at all superfluous.

    Put the sliced ​​vegetables in a large cauldron or in a frying pan. Pour vegetable oil on top and mix vegetables a little. This is done so that all vegetables are covered with oil film. Cover with a lid and set on medium heat.
    After 15 minutes, the vegetables will shrink and decrease in volume by about 1/3.
    It’s time to add salt, sugar and vinegar and lightly mix.

    After another 3-5 minutes, boiling sauté can be laid out in pre-pasteurized jars and rolled up with lids.

    This should be done as quickly as possible, until the boiling vegetable juice had time to evaporate.

    That’s all! Sote for the winter is ready! Saute is perfectly kept at room temperature all winter.

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