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Puff triangles with apple-pumpkin filling, recipes with photos

I really love puff pastry! Of course, the dough layers I buy, as a rule, in the store. This greatly facilitates the work of the hostess. But how many interesting things can be made from this test!

I especially like to bake pies with various fillings. You can change the shape of the pies and their filling, and it turns out completely different in taste and type of pastries.

Today I want to talk about another very simple, painstaking and delicious recipe for puff pastry pies in the form of triangles.

The combination of pumpkin jam and apple in the filling – just you will lick your fingers! But of course, you can use any filling for such baking. Most importantly, it should not be too liquid. Since the pies are partially open, and the filling can just flow out.

Ingredients for pies:

Cooking time – 25 minutes.

The apple is better to take more. Why do you need it? Next, we mix it with jam, and therefore it is necessary that the filling did not turn out too sweet and sugary.

Peel and rub on a fine terke.

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