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Ham with mozzarella, recipes with photos

I love to work with ready (store) puff pastry. And, it seems to me that I am not alone in this))) First of all, it’s convenient, you don’t have to mess with dough, which I’m not always able to do. And secondly, quickly, and the kitchen is clean. Therefore, I cook from it quite often. Well, the shapes and fillings can be invented a wide variety.

And since I prefer unsweetened fillings, today I have puffs with ham and my favorite mozzarella.


1 package of puff pastry (any, I have yeast-free)
150-200 g of ham
150-200 g of mozzarella cheese (you can use any other cheese that you like)
Sunflower oil for lubricating the form and puffs

Puff pastry pulls out of the package, divided into layers (usually 4) and leave to thaw at room temperature. Usually after 15 minutes you can already work with the dough. At this time we are preparing the filling for the pups.

Ham finely chopped.
Mozzarella rubbed on a fine grater.

You can also sprinkle with coarse salt on top (I don’t do that, because I don’t like very salty and prepare such puffs for tea; but if you prepare them for a frothy drink, you must add salt, the men will certainly appreciate it).

Well that’s all! We call everyone to tea with gentle pups)))

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