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Currant pasta, recipes with photos

Today I want to present you a recipe for an amazing cake with red currants. At home (with my mother) we always had a lot of bushes of red and black currants – a paradise for children. I have always loved black currants more because it was much sweeter than red.

This is how the preferences set in childhood would have remained if it were not for moving to another city. Here, near our house, red currant does not grow, so I look forward to the transfer of this berry from the mother or a trip to it during the berry fruiting.

Yesterday, along with the raspberries, we received some long-awaited red currants. By itself, it is very sour, but in the cake gets the taste for which we love her very much.

The following products are necessary for making currant pie:

    For the preparation of short pastry, you must take the following products:
    – 50 g butter
    – 1 egg
    – a pinch of salt
    – flour (how many will take)

    Boiled pasta need 1 kg. Since different varieties may have different weight after cooking, I do not consider it appropriate to calculate dry pasta. Boil them so much to get 1 kilogram.

    Add eggs and grated hard cheese.

    Mix a lot and add red currants. Again, mix and lay out in the form, which is pre-covered with baking paper.

    We send the form to the oven to bake at a temperature of 170 degrees. Now we have 15 minutes to make dough and figures from it. During this time, eggs in pasta should grab a little.

    Mix butter, egg, salt and flour.

    It should turn out plastic dough, which can be easily rolled.

    Thinly roll it and cut out the figures.

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