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Creamy Cheese Sauce Morne or Mornay, recipes with photos

Of course, you know and can cook bechamel, right? Not? What is bechamel? What? Bechamel, I say in a boring voice in the nose, is a classic sauce, which is obtained from milk by thickening it with flour, fried in butter. It sounds completely unappetizing, in my opinion. But if you pay attention to the fact that bechamel is the very white sauce that lasagna, in American macaroni with cheese, in many casseroles gives us that very rich body, then you can, in general, give it a little attention.

If you add a fragrant, aromatic salty cheese to bechamel, you will get its improved version, which is adopted in the culinary world under the name Morne or Mornay. And in fact it is the perfect cream cheese sauce, with which you can bake everything.

Time for preparing: 10 minutes

Output – for 1 casserole for 6 servings

The ingredients are simple, not straightforward. Flour, butter and milk are bechamel. Everything else is the spices that turn bechamel into Morne.

Oil melted in a skillet over medium heat.

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