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Cream sauce recipe, recipes with photos

Always wanted to learn how to cook cream sauce. On its basis, you can make a large variety of white sauces, but at the heart there will always be a classic recipe. Since until today I have not been able to find an easy and understandable recipe, then my attempts to make this tasty sauce did not end with anything good (I didn’t even share with you, as I was ashamed).

Today I am very pleased with the result of my work (although the time was spent only 15-20 minutes). Anyone can write down an easy-to-cook recipe for fish sauce.

The following products are necessary for making cream sauce:

    Cooking time: not more than 20 minutes
    The difficulty of cooking: just
    Output from 1 serving: up to 200 ml of sauce

    Preparing the sauce, let’s start by frying 1 tbsp to golden color. flour.

    Bring sauce to a boil so that it becomes thick. No need to boil it so that the flour does not turn into a dough.

    Leave the sauce to cool. It can be served with fish dishes (this is considered a classic). But we enjoyed eating it with french fries.

    You can add nutmeg or fresh dill to the prepared sauce to vary its taste. If you add pickled onions in slices, fresh dill and pickled cucumbers, you get homemade Tar-tar sauce, which we like better than the purchased counterpart.

    Thank you for such an interesting comment, I hope it will be useful to readers. I tried to cook sauces several times (including as advised by you), but I was always confused by the taste of dough in this sauce. If you fry the flour to a slightly golden color, the taste changes completely, and the sauce gets a milky shade (instead of cyanosis).

    Indeed, it is more common to use fried tomato flour for the sauce, but how nice it is to mix styles and get surprisingly pleasant results =)

    This is not an author’s recipe – many people cook it this way, and I am glad that I found this simple recipe for a delicious white sauce without the taste of flour on the tongue.

    I will be glad to see your cooking method among your topics, as I know that there are not many recipes, as well as people who like completely different things and tastes!

    Try making this sauce. I hope you enjoy it =)

    Ksyusha, I have been preparing sauces for a long time, so I can say that I can cook them))
    A few tips, if you please. For white sauces, cooking is usually somewhat different. First, the butter is melted, and then the flour is poured out and, with rapid stirring, it is fried in circular motions. It should be a creamy smooth, lump-free mass. It is better to warm the cream slightly, then when mixing the sauce will be more homogeneous.
    Pre-frying flour without butter is usually made for red sauces. From the flour without flour, the taste is completely different, usually it does not require cream, but tomato or broth.

    In any case, the sauce looks very nice, and I’m glad that I turned out and liked it, and it’s great that this is the author’s version.

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