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Asian pork ribs in the oven, recipes with photos

I cooked this dish for the first time, but my friend and confidan tried it on my family before me. She was pleased, vowed to repeat, so my risk was minimal. The dish is good. But brave, for my taste. Although, you know, while I was thinking about how bold it was, my family, including a 4-year-old child and a grandmother of 95, dared clean it up and licked the cauldron to a shine that he had never seen. In this connection, I believe that this dish is suitable for the vigilantes of the Soviet cuisine, as well as for unlimited beginners who trust only their own experience.

I think it’s all about universal pork. Pork, as you know, can be spoiled only in one way: to overdry. Everything else she suffers. Our condescending.

The recipe source is Gordon Ramsay, my guiding star. I slightly reduced the taste pressure of the maestro, but who am I to edit the great ones, so I’ll give the original proportions in brackets too.

And, yes, the most original source of this dish is in China. My beloved husband, a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine, recognized in him one of the dishes that I could not yet reproduce, the classic pork ribs of a barbeque from Chinese eateries takeaway. In these sweet and sour caramelized to pear pieces, there is almost no taste of pork. This is a metasvina. Phenomenon.

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