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Vegetable casserole with ham and cheese in a slow cooker, recipes with photos

When there are two favorites, it turns out either very good or very bad.

Today the story will be about very well, although, I confess, I doubted. And I wondered what to call this recipe. Casserole? Vegetable pie? Khabur-chabur in a slow cooker (don’t be surprised, habour-chabur from anything is my grandfather’s specialty)? She stopped at the casserole.

In general, we received another vegetable tranche from the country house. Vegetables had to be processed, the child wanted to walk. The desires of the child are paramount, but the husband who was looming to come soon from work did not give me this easy way to drop everything and go to the playground.

Who works while you relax? Yes, everything, is not it? But this time I decided that a slow cooker would work.


    I stewed cauliflower in a child, the child was not upset, but smiled happily at his mother, that is, me! A wonderful age is 1 year old, everything that a mother does is good and right. Beauty!

    In general, half a cauliflower disassembled into inflorescences. Rubbed a carrot

    You can collect the casserole. The cup was smeared with vegetable oil, threw there cauliflower. To create a single vegetable substrate for the ham on the cauliflower laid out carrots. Well, and that is logical, ham on top. It was the turn of the rings of pepper and onions.
    Salted and peppered (I have pepper with salt and garlic in one jar).
    Pouring time: eggs shifted with mayonnaise, I wanted to add flour, but decided that the mealy flavor would be discordant with vegetables, and did not. All mixed and poured the casserole. Top grated cheese.
    PisAla, honestly, longer than she did. It remains to close the lid and set the slow cooker to Baking mode for 1 hour.

    The result suited everyone: the walked up child, and the household mom, that is, me, and the hungry husband.

    Peace and harmony in my family!

    And yours – bon appetit!

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