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Steamed cottage cheese pudding with apple sauce, recipes with photos

I never cooked pudding. Always thought it was a long time and not too tasty. The name scarecrow, until I met in one book the recipe for making this most terribly difficult dish for me. Everything was not the same as I originally imagined.

It took 10 minutes of my time to prepare the dish and 20 minutes of waiting while the pudding was cooked in the slow cooker. By the way, the slow cooker has been helping me more often lately. Sometimes I notice that the gas stove is lonely bored in the corner of the kitchen, while the cartoon is frying, stewing, boiling, baking and steaming.

I love smart technology! So my mother told me that one of her employees (an aunt in years) was left to live alone, as the children got married and left for someone. She was too lazy to cook for herself. And even when she began cooking dinner, he successfully forgotten on the stove and the dish burned. I had to scrape pans and buy new ones.

As soon as the aunt accidentally told her about her forgetfulness to the children, they, having assessed the scale of the problem, bought a multicooker for the mother. Now an elderly aunt always has a warm lunch on a table that does not burn (smart technique!). And if you remember the function of heating and keeping food warm for 12 hours, then it is difficult to underestimate this technique for older people.

Something I was a little distracted … Let’s start cooking cottage cheese pudding?

To make steam curd pudding with applesauce (for 2 servings) you need the following products:

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