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Rice casserole with peaches, recipes with photos

In the heat of my boys do not want to eat anything. I will cook the pasta – they will, I will cook the rice – they don’t want it, I will make mashed potatoes – all the same, they don’t even eat half of the portion. Here’s what I do with them?

And I am interested in what to do with those products (cereals, potatoes, pasta), which is not something that a second time, even the first time in a day, no one wants to eat.

We have to remember and invent recipes that always help out, because from the ready-made rice or a portion of pasta you can cook delicious desserts or main dishes in the oven. I have already shared a macaroni recipe with mussels and olives and a plum macaroni recipe. Today I want to offer a recipe for rice casserole with peaches.

This recipe helps when you cook more than you need rice and you need to use it somewhere. Instead of peaches, you can always use apricots – it turns out no less tasty.

To prepare a rice casserole with peaches, the following products are needed:

    Baking time: about 40 minutes
    The difficulty of cooking: very easy

    For cooking casseroles take boiled chilled rice.

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