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Chia pudding with coconut milk, recipes with photos

Let’s immediately agree that the set of berries can be any, and chia can be replaced with oatmeal or semolina. The story is not about chia (though why not?), But about love.

My relatives are obsessed with healthy eating. They are at the forefront, at the forefront of culinary fashion. It is from them that I learn about all kinds of strange VERY USEFUL foods that need to be eaten, and about very harmful products that are not needed. I personally eat everything, because I am for harmony, balance and diversity, so I really appreciate that part of their sacred knowledge, which is about new products unknown to me.

With chia, I began to get acquainted with their light hands. And then suddenly I came to visit them and found that they have no idea that you can make pudding out of chia. That is, they add grains to food as seasoning and vitamins, and they do not make crisp, ball-like rolls poured over the tongue. Wow! – I thought. And erected.

They liked it. They dare with mews. Said: Well, Tanya, you give. I think this is a success. Well, I give!

I have some exotic ingredients here, because they have a specific product line, with relatives, but this is not important. It was just interesting for me to play with products that rarely fall into my hands in everyday life. Interesting – I wrote and thought, this is English restraint. Yes, my hands itch and my knees tremble with impatience when I see a product unfamiliar to me!

But it was delicious. Yes.

They have a box with vermicelli of unripe edamame soybeans. Bright green vermicelli. You see, yes, what awaits you?

Time for preparing: 3 hours 10 minutes (3 hours for soaking)

– Chia Seeds – 4 tsp.
– coconut milk – 1/3 cup
– sugar – 1 tsp.
– mango – ¼ pcs.
– blueberry – ½ handful
– figs – 1 pc.
– Strawberry – 1 pc.
– brown sugar – 1 pinch (for sweet teeth)

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