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Cake without baking in 5 minutes, recipes with photos

Most recently, the eldest daughter in kindergarten had a holiday of lanterns. This holiday is always celebrated in late October – early November, when it is dark and damp on the street.

Everyone’s mood is getting worse and there are still a lot of cold and long nights ahead. And on this holiday of lanterns all the children, together with the adults, search in the completely dark rooms of the kindergarten for little dwarfs and their treasures, and then watch the performance and go outside with candles and lanterns lit in their hands. Very nice and the mood immediately gets better.

In addition, on this very holiday, parents prepare something tasty or else in any way participate in organizing the holiday. Since I have two younger daughters, I always play the role of cooking some sweet food simply because I cannot actively take part in the production.

This year I completely forgot to cook cakes or cookies. And already quite late in the evening I had to experiment in a hurry.

To prepare this dish you will need the following ingredients.

Time for preparing:
5-10 minutes

The difficulty of cooking:

My treat was supposed to be thematic related to the fall. I decided to make a small cake in the form of a maple leaf. At first I cut out the stencil.

Then put the stencil on top of the cakes.

And carefully cut out the office.

After that, I would coat every cake with cranberry jam and cream.

Cream also took purchased, because there was absolutely no time to do the cream yourself.

When all the cakes were missed, I put the cake in the fridge, postponing further clearance in the morning.

In the morning, I first sprinkled the entire surface of the cake with orange powder.
Then, using sugar confectionery pencils, she drew streaks on the leaf.

That’s all. The cake turned out to be unusual, and most importantly, it was possible to cook it in a matter of minutes.

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