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Bechamel sauce for 5 minutes and custard out of it for snack cake, recipes with photos

Preparing the sauce quickly to be tasty and from the minimum set of products is quite realistic. For example, white bechamel sauce. To prepare it, you will need a microwave, three ingredients, a minimum of dishes and 5 minutes of your time, and maybe less. The sauce is obtained with a delicate texture, with a very creamy taste. It can be served with stuffed pancakes, vegetable or meat casseroles, different types of meatballs, pancakes, cheesecakes, fish or meat.

From this sauce you can make an amazing custard for decorating snack cakes on the principle of dessert. It is only necessary to cook the sauce to a consistency of very thick cream (an additional 1 – 2 minutes). Additionally, you can whip the resulting cooled cream with butter at room temperature. This cream perfectly draws the contours of culinary tips and holds its shape well. By serving this cake to the festive table, you will surprise the guests very much, as it can be easily confused with the dessert option.

Preparing this sauce Béchamel very simple and very fast – up to 5 minutes.

To make Bechamel sauce in 5 minutes, we need the following ingredients:

    Prepare all the necessary ingredients. You can taste your favorite spices. If there was no milk in the house, then you can replace it with sour cream diluted with water (3 tablespoons per 200 ml of water):

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