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You will fall in love with this raspberry jam with cognac, recipes with photos

So assured the author of this recipe. I believed her and decided to take the risk, cook for the experiment. After all, every time to make blanks of raspberries only with the participation of this, without a doubt, an elite alcoholic drink and another secret component, no one will. But to enjoy yourself or treat guests, while feeling at the height, it is nice.

After all, the process of making this fragrant billet is almost identical. Except maybe two significant, I must say, moments. And about them – just below. The main thing is that raspberry jam turns spicy, while remaining as useful and tasty.

Fortunately, now the raspberry season is in full swing. Berry is not as expensive as a week ago. Therefore, we arm ourselves with everything necessary and for the work. By the way, the jam with this method just will not burn and leave all its utility.

Time for preparing: 1.5-2 hours, it all depends on the power of the plate on which you cook, and the number of berries

Complexity: above average, because the process is not identical to the usual


Just as I love raspberry jam, I always worry about it, because this wonderful berry is capricious. And it is easy to spoil her, keep her, say, in the water during bathing. Therefore, I do not wash in those cases when she collected. It remains only to sort out this beauty, choosing the stalk, twigs, leaves.

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