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Winter delicacy apricot jam with lemon flavor, recipes with photos

Imagine, in the yard – a blizzard. And you have warmth and soul, and at home. Because in one hand you have a cup of tea, and in the second – a bun spread with amber jam, from which it is impossible to break away. And the whole room seems to be flooded with sunlight!

Yes, this effect gives apricot jam with lemon flavor. How to reach it? About this and talk. More precisely, we learn in practice. After all, apparently, you also gathered something to cook for the winter from fragrant apricots. So much so that everyone gasped, including you.

Yes, with a lemon, this favorite delicacy will also acquire the beneficial properties of the omnipresent citrus. There are no problems in cooking such jam. He even cooks a schoolgirl or a girl who has never done cooking.

Time for preparing: 1-2 hours (depends on the number of ingredients)


You know, I always knew that apricots of the same ripeness should be chosen for jam. And I always liked apricots very ripe. But so, alas, does not always happen. This time I had the fruits of unequal ripeness. And I decided to conduct an experiment.

So, first rinse apricots.

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