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Strawberry jam with red currants, recipes with photos

I have already told you that among other varieties of berries that are available in the summer season, garden strawberries, lovingly planted in-law in the cellar for their beloved granddaughters, for some reason, do not interest them at all. Meanwhile, it bears fruit just wonderful – at one time you can gather up at least a pound of wonderful and fragrant berries …

And once again, regretfully watching the bank of strawberries idle in the fridge, completely unnecessary and not interesting to anyone, I decided that I needed to somehow save it. The easiest and most reliable method in this case is to fill the berries with sugar and boil them a couple of times. But I decided to go a more difficult way and did not regret a single gram of it …

Recently, I was just crazy about red currants – its amazing taste just won me over. So I decided to somehow combine them with strawberries to add light and pleasant sourness to the future jam – it turned out just amazing …

Product proportions are very approximate, but successful:

The complexity of the recipe: I did not notice any difficulty

Cooking time: a total of half an hour of vigorous action

Working process:

Strawberries are laid in a stainless pot and carefully sorted.

Then we measure the required amount of sugar and pour strawberries to them.

Tear off red currant from the twigs, wash and mash with masher. I have already used this method when I talked about how to make a delicious fruit drink.

Then we grind the mashed potatoes through a strainer – we will not need the cake in this case.

But the mashed potatoes we pour into a saucepan with strawberries and mix. We put the pot on the fire (not strong) and bring everything to a boil, not forgetting to interfere with everything.

As soon as the mass boils – you need to remove everything from the fire and cool completely.

Once again, cool the mass, stirring well, bring to a boil, and then we arm ourselves with a blender and grind everything – we will have ready-made jam with a homogeneous consistency.

When the jam has cooled, you need to put it in a dry, clean jar and put it in the fridge. Well, at least I did just that.

How fragrant and tasty this jam turned out is difficult to imagine. I simply advise all of you if you can, to be sure to try this amazing delicacy …

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