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Raspberry and gooseberry jam, recipes with photos

Another gooseberry and raspberry recipe. Today I connected them together. Sweet, aromatic raspberry and sour, devoid of bright taste, but full of pectins useful for the body, gooseberry. Beautiful tandem.

It is surprising that such a thought did not come to me earlier.

In this case, again I came to the aid of a book with recipes blanks. In it, the recipe is called jam from raspberry in Czech. Reading these names, I always involuntarily wonder: It is interesting, but the Czechs know about the existence of this recipe ?. However, it is not so important where this recipe came from, the main thing is that he came to the court to all who love raspberries and want to use gooseberries sensibly.

Time for preparing: 1 hour.

Raspberries are sorting through. As you see, yellow raspberry comes here. Her we grow a lot in conjunction with garden raspberries. Usually it is uneven, ugly and, often, too clogged by worms. This year the yellow raspberry has pleased us. In general, she is good at eating fresh – she is very sweet and she has a special flavor.

Since both the gooseberry and raspberry are rather bony berries, you can remove some of the seeds from the raspberry. I, as a lover of a large number of bones, did it – out of half the volume of the raspberry squeezed out juice. For this, I chopped raspberries with a blender.

Through gauze pressed juice. I made jam from fewer berries. I had them about 2 cups (raspberries and gooseberries). That’s what came out of the raspberry – a glass of berries and half a glass of juice.

Bones to emit.

The gooseberry was washed, washed, crushed with a crush and set on fire.

Cooked until the mass began to thicken.

Add sugar to the boiled gooseberry mass.

She poured raspberries and poured out the squeezed juice.

I cooked for about 20 minutes, when the density of jam seemed sufficient to me. It’s not worth cooking for a long time;

Closed jam in sterile jars under iron lids.
Fragrant raspberry and gooseberry jam is ready.

You can tea! Enjoy your meal!

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