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Preparations from May dandelions, recipes with photos

We all want to be healthy. And without vitamins, health cannot be saved — this is generally recognized. I have processed a lot of literature on this issue and I want to give several recipes for vitamin preparations at once.

In May of this year, the parent village shone with yellow fields of dandelions.

And the places are so abandoned that the last roads end far from home. That is, complete confidence that the plants are absolutely clean, without chemical dirt. So I wanted to preserve the fragrant, beauty and usefulness of these sunny colors, that I dug a whole bag of heads and began to conjure at once with several recipes.

First recipe: (Long but lazy)

Fill the flowers with cold water. We stand the day.

Then carefully squeeze, pour out the old water, pour half a liter of pure water, cook for 15-20 minutes. A couple of minutes before turning off the fire, throw two slices of lemon into the pan.

Leave to insist for another day. Then we again squeeze the contents, but now we throw away the already pressed material, and boil the resulting yellow broth with a kilogram of sugar over a small fire in several steps.

Thus, the density (and beauty!) Of honey is achieved.

Second recipe: (double benefit)

– Dandelion flowers – 400 pieces
– water – 2 l
– citric acid – 1 tsp.
– lemon – 1 pc.
– sugar – 2 kg

The second recipe is not as lazy as the previous one. Here you have to count and work with your hands. But honey will turn out twice.

Separate the yellow mid-flowers from the green parts of the plant.

Soak in cold water for a day. Then the prescription was supposed to drain the water and pour it. I have to say that I decided not to do this. The dandelions were environmentally friendly – I vouch for that, especially since the greens that could give bitterness were cleaned, so I left the water, added the juice of one lemon and 1 kg of sand and boiled it for about an hour. Received the first batch of vegetable honey.

Then (already following the recipe) she poured pressed flowers with another liter of water, added 1 tsp. citric acid, brought to a boil, waited another 15 minutes and turned off. After waiting for the moment when our jam is cool, pressed flowers (we no longer need them) and then boiled the formed liquid with the addition of a kilogram of granulated sugar for about an hour. Pay attention – be sure to close the lid and make a small fire on the stove.

The second batch of sweet delicacy-medicine is also ready.

The third recipe: (Live vitamins)

– Dandelion flowers (no bill)
– granulated sugar (as much by volume)

During heat treatment, the amount of vitamins is reduced. To completely avoid this, you can simply fall asleep flowers (only the yellow center without green parts) sugar. Need to pour layers. The thinner the layers, the faster the thick juice will make. The main thing is to crush the layers with a tolkushka or a spoon so that there is no air inside and then press down with a small yoke. I filled the jar to the top and pressed the lid. Keep this pantry of vitamins you need in a cold place.

And now, finally, all my beautiful jars are ready and are waiting for cold winter evenings, when it will be so cozy and so useful to pamper yourself with the healing gift of summer.

And a small addition: each blade of grass and flower must be collected exclusively at a certain moment. Herbalists advise collecting dandelions in dry weather, in the morning and until mid-June, since the most useful substances are in the May dandelion.

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