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Interesting jam from plums and cherries for the winter, recipes with photos

Yesterday I collected the last cherry in the garden. The cherries were few and she was very sour. Therefore, I decided to make jams mixed with sweet plums. To be honest, for the first time I cooked such a jam. This is my little experiment. Jam turned out very interesting, with a slight sourness!

Time for preparing: 2.5 hours

I know from experience that sometimes plum jam can knit in your mouth. Therefore, before cooking, be sure to try your plum. If the skin of the plum is sweet and does not knit, it means that the jam will be delicious. And if the plum peel knits, very sour or even bitter, then it must be removed from the plum. To do this, you need to fill the plums with boiling water, and then abruptly put them in cold water. After this, the skin will be very easy to move away from the plum.

This time I was lucky, and my plums were very sweet, and the skin of the plum, only slightly sour. Therefore, I did not remove their skin. And just washed the plums with cherries in a colander.

After that, cut the cream in half and took out the bones.

I did the same with cherries. I cut the cherries in half and took out the bones.

We weigh plums and cherries in order to determine the exact amount of sugar needed for jam.

Then put the plum and cherry in the saucepan.

And we fall asleep with sugar. Sugar should be as much as plum and cherry together. We give our berry mixture to stand for an hour, so that the juice stands out. To speed up the process of the berries is better to mix with sugar.

Over time, pour some water into the saucepan. So much so that the contents are completely immersed in water.

Turn on the hob and bring the plum and cherry to the boil. Cook for 15 minutes. If foam is formed, it must be removed.

Turn off the jam and give it a little stand on a warm ring. After 30-40 minutes, turn on the hotplate again and bring the mixture to a boil. Cook for 7-10 minutes.

If the jam is well boiled and has a slightly friable texture, then it can be removed from the stove. But if it seems to you that it is watery, then I advise you to boil it for a few minutes over low heat to evaporate the excess water. Readiness can be checked by drop, dripped on a plate. If it remained stationary and did not spread, then the jam is ready.

Now we need a jar. Well wash it with a cleaning agent and scalded with boiling water. Also, the jar can be ignited in the oven at a temperature of 100 degrees.

Put the jam in the jar. We wait until it is completely cooled, and close the sterilized lid. That’s all. Our jam from Siwa and cherry is ready for winter!

Enjoy your tea and good mood!

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