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How to make quince jam with apples, recipes with photos

Yes, quince in itself, though piquant, but tart. Therefore, the presence of apples in such a treat will be very appropriate. At the exit you will get gorgeous quince jam, diluted with apple flavor and taste, and beautiful in color.

Imagine how many vitamins will be contained in this jam! After all, apples and quince are not always hungry because of the presence of sour or astringent taste in them. But quince and apple jam will amaze you.

Yes, a lot of time is spent on cooking. But the result will be pleasant! After all, it can and immediately eat, and roll up for the winter. Just get ready for the fact that the jam is not stagnant on the shelf!

And, as usual, the number of components can be changed.

Time for preparing: 5-6 hours

Complexity: slightly above average


At first I washed the fruits of quince well, because there is such a fluff on it. I washed it off and cut each fruit in half.

If you want the slices to remain whole and transparent, let them drink more juice. I love that these were not whole and not completely boiled up slices.

With tea, with a roll – super! By the way, you can store such a miracle on the shelf, twisting the jars with lids, and in the refrigerator – under the plastic cap.

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