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Harvesting apples for the winter in the oldest way, recipes with photos

In childhood, mother often cooked compote of dried fruit with my sister. And at school, without a compote, not a single school breakfast was complete. And indeed in the Soviet canteen on the distribution of such compotes have always been.

We grew up, our children also became adults, and all the food in our family lined up under a simplified scheme. We have long since moved away from this tradition of cooking compotes. Basically, the drinks that we drink are tea, coffee, ready-made juices, jelly also become rare.

But in the light of recent events, I returned to those blanks that were before. Has become more harvested juices. It is clear that they are tastier than from the store.

And now I even took up the harvesting of dried apples. Of them in the winter and compote, and dessert, if you really want, you can make the filling for baking.

Apples for drying any suitable. The main requirement is that they do not touch the rot. I made several attempts to dry differently and empirically came to the following method, with which I want to share.

Complexity: simple, just need to look periodically at the process.

Time: I will not say the exact time, it can only be determined in the process, but at least 2-3 hours.

Drying process:

Apples washed.

Spread the slices on the baking sheet so that they do not touch each other. Moisture in them is enough, if they touch each other, only complicates the process.
If there is a special dryer, then you are lucky. It has special modes. I dried apples in an ordinary electric oven.

Thus, I filled it in a bit more disgusting, since the oven will work for a long time, and it makes no sense to drive it to idle. The door was left ajar, as there is a strong evaporation of moisture.
The first time I did it with the door closed, I realized that this was a mistake, the apples cooked rather than dried. At first I set the temperature to 40, if it seemed to be badly heated, it added up to 60 degrees.

If you put more, then thin plates just burn. After the apples dry out a bit, I leave them in the oven with the door open for the night. If necessary, I repeat the procedure.

The apples have dried, it remains to cook compote in the winter!

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