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Delicate preserves of apples and zucchini, recipes with photos

Apple-zucchini jam has the taste of apples, but the zucchini does not feel it at all. I call this jam delicate, because it is not cloyingly sweet and restrainedly sour. Undoubtedly, it is completely different from apple jam, and in some ways even surpasses it. Great for pancakes and for baking pies.

The difficulty of cooking: average.

Time for preparing: 2-3 hours.

The course of cooking apple squash jam:

For jam, we need a young zucchini. Such a dairy zucchini gives away juice better and it is not necessary to remove the seeds from it, since they are very soft.

Zucchini wash and clean from the skin. Weigh it on the scales. Cut into cubes and put in a deep saucepan or enamelled basin.

Fall asleep zucchini first batch of sugar. It should be as much as the zucchini.

Now we need to give a zucchini to stand, so that he selects the juice.

And at this time we take apples and wash them well. Three apples grated. Sertsevinku throw away. There should be as many apples as a zucchini.

We send apples to the zucchini and also pour them with sugar on top. We give a little more time to stand on our future jam at room temperature. When liquid is released in the saucepan, and this happens within one to two hours, put it on the stove, add some cold water (about 150 milliliters) and bring to a boil.

Cook to a translucent state for 20 minutes.

Then turn off the stove and give the jam a little to stand on a warm hob, at least for half an hour, but you can and longer – until it cools completely.

After that, turn on the stove again and cook our jam until ready. It should be almost homogeneous. Readiness can be checked by dropping on a plate. If it does not spread, then the jam is ready.

Now we need to prepare jars. Well wash them with cleaning agent. I usually wash with soda and laundry soap. Then scald them with boiling water three or four times. And only after that I put the jam on the jars and cover them with lids.

When the jam is completely cooled, it can be closed already for real – tighter. And send it to storage in a cool dark place. I usually keep the jam in the garage cellar, and sometimes I leave it just in the fridge.

That’s it, jam is ready.

Enjoy your tea, good mood and all the best!

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