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Chicken with vegetables, recipes with photos

Without quick recipes in our lives can not do. Of course, if we take into account the preparation of all the ingredients, then time is not so little. But if you first chop all the vegetables, and then gradually add them in the cooking process, the vegetable stew with chicken will be an excellent quick dinner.

40-45 minutes you spend on cooking, but this is in view of cutting all the ingredients.

Difficulty level: low.

For the dish would need chicken fillet and such vegetables:

Let’s start:

I used the upper part of the chicken in my recipe, it was she who was in my fridge. She cut off all the fillets for the dish, which she decided to cook, and left the wings for soup with pasta.

All the ingredients are first prepared, and then gradually mixed them in a pan in the process of quenching.

Cut chicken fillet into cubes.

In the deep (since the ingredients are many) the pan poured vegetable oil about 1 cm in height from the bottom of the pan. The oil will be enough, as the vegetables give the juice and stew in this mixture.

Warmed up and laid out chicken meat.

Onion chopped and combined with meat.

Salted and peppered. The fire turned down and extinguished 5 minutes.

Then added young carrots. It was not large, so it turned out to cut it with beautiful wheels.

Immediately sent to the previous products diced tomatoes.

All mixed up. She covered and extinguished.

White cabbage finely chopped (if possible, I do not get it very). Sent stew with the rest of the ingredients.

From the zucchini, I cut off the peel, even though he was young. Cut into cubes with seeds.

Combined with vegetables in a pan. Added a bay leaf. She extinguished the lid until the cabbage was completely cooked, since of all the ingredients listed in the recipe, it cooks longer.

Vegetable stew with meat turned out very rich and tasty.

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