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Chicken with raisins and curry, recipes with photos

The chicken with prunes or pineapples is no longer surprising anyone, but today I have a chicken with raisins. In my opinion, there is nothing surprising here – everything is sweet and sour and spicy in tandem with the chicken always gives as a result a successful combination.

Having reviewed many curry chicken recipes on the eve, I derived something in between, based on the tastes of my family members and the availability of the necessary spices. We love not too spicy, moderately fragrant and not overcooked.

If our tastes coincide with you, then my recipe will be useful for you.

Time for preparing: 15 minutes to chop the chicken plus a few hours to pickle plus 30 minutes to cook directly. The time for marinating depends on your free time. I marinated chicken in the morning, and cooked in the evening.

I washed the chicken properly.

Has undressed. In the rest I had back and wings. I put them in the freezer, use it somehow on the soup.

Everything else I cut into not too small pieces and put in a bowl.
Added tomato paste.

To her – seasoning curry and cinnamon. If you like spicy, you can put seasonings and more. If you put, like me, you get a weak unobtrusive taste and a little bit sharp.

Raisin steam did not, just poured it for a few minutes with hot water, washed and put to the chicken.

Put salt and mix everything thoroughly. Put the chicken in the refrigerator until the evening.

In the evening, when I was preparing dinner, I had very little left. I just fried the chicken pieces on both sides.

Then she added water and put out about 30 minutes.

You can serve this chicken with any side dish, we had rice.

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